Friend of Grey Wolf

Warren, Ohio flooding

Dad's photos of the Warren, Ohio flooding of the area known as the flats. The slides are dated Jan 1960 so I am guessing that this flood happened in 1959. The floods in this area happened often.

My sister-in-law works in Basel, Switzerland. I went there in May 2015.

During my Switzerland trip, I wanted to go to a concentration Camp.  We went to Natzweiler-Struthof  in the Vosges Mountains of France. It is small; it is silent. The tiled tanks at the end of the photographs had an unknown use. The gas chamber was about the size of a gym shower. Terrible place. 43,000 people died there.

Expo '67

In 1967 we traveled via our skoolie (yellow school bus converted into a camper) to Montreal, Canada to visit Expo '67 -  the world's fair. These are converted slides from that trip.