Friend of Grey Wolf


My meanderings

I spent most of my life working at Kent State University - University Libraries and Instructional Technology. After 32 years I decided to retire and move on with my life. Moving on basically meant becoming a musician. I also became a caregiver multiple times for ill family members.

I play:

  • banjo

  • guitar

  • bass guitar

I do not play professionally.

I am a child of God as a member of the Episcopal Church. I take God and my religion seriously!



Throughout my life I have traveled extensively in the United States and Canada. International locations include:

  • United Kingdom - backpacked through England and Scotland

  • American Virgin Islands - sailed on a tall ship

  • British Virgin Islands - sailed on a tall ship

  • Panama - sailed on a tall ship

  • Mexico

  • Germany

  • France

  • Switzerland

Work / Education


Retirement has been great! I spend most of my days working on my music. Who can beat that!

The ZZ Top Look!      

DNA Makeup

My profile from a DNA test. Who would have thought that I would be more British than Irish?